Lockheed Constellation

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Very few planes have such a striking look as the Lockheed “Connie” with its dolphin shaped fuselage and 3 fin’s. We will later produce a smaller version, but the opportunity to offer a large Connie with a full 170″ wingspan could not be passed by. Powered by 4 x 160 sized electric motors its not only a pleasure to fly but also sound amazingly scale as you will see in the video.

Building a plane of this complexity is many a modellers nightmare, but Aviatix will be the first company to offer a model of this size and scale as a Ready To Fly plane. YES, just add your Receiver and batteries and program your radio and you can go flying the same day!

The Aviatix large Connie will come with everything you can expect from a high scale model and come with electric gear, brakes, geardoors, lights and cockpit and cabin interior that will amaze your friends at the field.

Flying such a large electric Connie is very easy and relaxing and even if you lose a motor due to a battery failure, they fly real well on 3 or even 2 motors. Landing is easy and slow with the brakes allowing operation on real short runways.

The tooling was completed in 2021 and we will start production of them in October 2021.



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