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Retract Gear Set
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Superscale Package
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Aircraft Tail Number

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Product Description

One of the most recognisable planes have always been the Lockheed Constellation (“Connie” as many lovingly refer to them ) with their 3 vertical fins. The notorious billionaire, Howard Hughes and TWA both played a big part in it’s creation and in the late 1940’s the Constellation not only made long haul flights across the Atlantic possible, but luxurious and fast. As aviation fanatic’s we just could not let the opportunity go by to model the Constellation and the result is a RC airplane that will again be setting the standard.

Our Connie is a 1:11 Scale model with 170″ wingspan and 50Lbs weight that results in an awesome power to weight and wing loading making it real easy and relaxing to fly. With its look and size you will be turning a lot of heads at the field and even more once people see how it can be fitted into an SUV for transport without the need for a truck or trailer.

The Electric version is powered by 4 x 1.60 size electric Scorpion Brushless motor or there is a gas option for 4x 33cc Gas engines. We prefer the electric version because it sounds more scale and realistic in the air.

Even the engine nacelles have been painstakingly modelled to be perfectly scale and compliments the lovely rivet detail of the plane.

Transporting the Connie is also easy as it assembles in 5 minutes and with the wing breaking up in 4 parts and the fuselage in 2 the connie fits into a regular SUV.

When you select all the completion options of Gear, Servo and Power package, You will receive an airplane that is Ready to fly and all you need to do is install your receiver and motor Battery and do your TX setup, which should take no longer than 90 minutes.

Cessna 210 - General Specifications

FullsizeAviatix ElectricAviatix Gas/Nitro
CrewOne Pilot1 RC Pilot -Basic flying skills 1 RC Pilot -Basic flying skills
Capacity5 PassengersKen and 5 Barbie DollsKen and 5 Barbie Dolls
Length28'2" (8.59m)61" / 1,56m74" / 1,875m
Wingspan36'9" (11.2m)82" / 2,08m86" / 2,176m
Height9'8" (2.95m)26" / 0,683m26" / 0,683m
Wing Area175 sq. ft (16.23m2)21" / 0,53m21" / 0,53m
Aspect Ratio
Empty Weight2303lb (1045kg)13lb (4kg)
Max takeoff weight4000lb (1814kg)19lb (5kg)
Fuel Capacity1 x 6S Lipo 5000mAh
Powerplant1 x Continental TSIO-520 6 Cylinder1 x .60 Aviatix Brushless Motor
11lb/5kg thrust

Cessna 210 - Performance

Fullsize Aviatix Electric Aviatix Gas/Nitro
Maximum Speed
204 knots (235 mph,378 km/h)
Cruise Speed
193 knots (222 mph,358 km/h)
Stall Speed (Wheels & Flaps down)
58 knots (67 mph,108 km/h)
900 nmi (1036 mi, 1668km)8 minutes10 minutes
Service ceiling
27 000 ft (8230m)7000 ft 8000 ft
Rate of climb
930 ft/min (4.7 m/s)
Take-off run
Landing Distance

Cessna 210 - History

FullsizeAviatix ElectricAviatix Gas/Nitro
Role6 Seater piston SingleYour own legendary 210 Your own legendary 210
ManufacturerCessnaAviatix Model Aviatix Model
First Flight01-Jan-57
StatusOperational Coming SoonComing Soon
Years ProducedJuly 1968-19832017-Current2017-Current
Number built9240Will be building 9240 Will be building 9240

Cessna 210 - Colour options

Select your favourite color combination from the 5 shown here, but if you do not find it, we always have the custom option that will allow you to place a custom order, prepay and supply us with pictures of your personal choice and we will make your customized dream plane a reality.
Colour 1Colour 2Colour 3
Colour 4Colour 5

When you purchase the radio combo or RTF versions of our planes, you will be getting all the servos and radio gear already factory installed professionally! The added cost is comparable or often less than what you would pay purchasing those items seperately. We get a much better deal directly from the manufacturers of Servos for some of the main servo brands and well known brands like Align Helicopters. We also select the perfect servo and weight combination for the application saving you the school fees losing a plane because of a servo failure. On the major flight surfaces we use only Metal or Titanium gear digital coreless servos of and on other functions metal gear and sometimes analog servos for some functions requiring it.

Plug your Receiver in and match the channels as per this table, set the correct control throws, charge the batteries, and you are ready to fly!

Included is the Channel requirements and setup specifications. Note: DL500 in the Receiver channels needed are functions handled by the DL500 Gear Controller sequencer and no radio channels are needed for such operation. The DL500 comes with the correct Learjet software and profile already installed.


Aviatix planes are made of the finest materials using the best equipment and processes. The result is a flyable quality plane that will need little maintenance as long as they are properly flown and treated. Our planes can withstand the average bad landings we all have sometime or in rough weather conditions!  Please keep in mind that although we do engineer a fair amount of redundancy into parts, in order to deliver a plane that flies well, it needs to be light. To do that, its built and engineered to be flown hard into air, but not into something harder than the air! In the event of an accident, we do have the parts to repair it.

All our planes have many options adding the perfect scale reality, all the way from the wheels below to the beacon light on the tail. Our Radio combo and Ready to Fly versions come standard with all you need to enjoy your plane to the maximum. If any parts are damaged and you would like to replace it or buy the same parts for another older plane, we will have it available.


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