Mirage III


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The Mirage 3 was a classic plane used extensively by the South African Airforce during the bushwar and Israel during the 1960’s and 70’s and was later used to develop derivatives like the Kfir and the South African Cheetah.


We decided on the Mirage being a classic delta and also being such a good flying and unique plane. Aviatix engineers has 150+ years of combined modelling experience and we have what it takes to make proper performing EDF jets as we proved with our Learjet. The recipe for success is blending the old fashion ingredients of light weight and good power plants using advanced 3D design and integrated electronic systems that’s a complete solution using optimal quality servos, wiring harness systems and integrated electric retracts and brakes that ensures low weight and optimal performance and reliability.

The Mirage is the first and smallest of a range of high performance EDF’s we plan to produce in the near future to revolutionise the EDF concept.


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