Safety And Technology


Safety and Technology

Just like full size aviation manufacturers, Aviatix is also very safety conscious. We design our planes to fly exceptional and do a total redesign to ensure they will fly well as models, yet still have the same flight characteristics of the full size plane. Wing designs are optimized so you will have more realistic landing and take off speeds, which adds to safety.

We have the latest CAD design packages and a team of engineers who design the plane with all systems integrated and as a unit. Not only does it save weight and add reliability, but it also enables us to do build redundancy into the systems. The gear, struts and brake systems are all designed specifically for our planes and are not generic units which means a lot more safety and integration of design.

We also use the correct rating and best servos for the application so you will always be in control and our flight commander system will provide stabilization and a bunch of extra fly by wire safety systems to enhance your flight experience and keep your plane in one piece and the spectators safe.